A: Impact on (bio-)geochemical cycle by global/local climate change throughout earth's history

1)  The Cretaceous "hothouse" world

2)  Anthropogenic change over the past few-hundred years (modern analog)

3)  Other warming and cooling events (e.g., Miocene, Eocene, Paleocene and Jurassic...)

B: Evolutionary history of marine primary producer 

1)  Reconstruction of paleo-red tide and their influence on marine ecosystem and organic carbon burial

2)  History of ecological competition among marine primary producer (e.g., dinoflagellate, cyanobacteria, coccolithophorid and diatom)

3)  Origin of acritarch (including modern species): Morphological and chemical comparison with dinocyst 


Whatever is fine! (e.g., rock, sediment and ice)

Study Area

Vocontian Basin, SE France (Cretaceous)

Yezo Group, Hokkaido, Japan (Cretaceous)

Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean (Cretaceous and Miocene)

Seto Inland Sea and other neritic area, Japan (early modern to recent)

SE Dome, SIGMA-A and Bowdoin Fjord, Greenland (early modern to recent)

Tools (Proxies)

Biomarker (e.g., steroid, hopanioid, alkenones, diols and HBIs) 

Kerogen and Palynomorph (e.g., dinocyst, acritarch and phycoma) 

Aerosol (e.g., nitrate and sulfate)


I commonly use... GC-MS, GC, fluorescent microscope and micro-Raman